Important notice

These pages began as a sub-section of the blog Kelebek, where readers would often post machine translations of interesting articles among the comments, where they would soon end up getting lost.

Every day, we read interesting articles in other languages we would like to share, but haven’t the time to translate.

So we decided to translate some of them off the cuff, using the professional version of DeepL: an excellent, but not infallible, translation machine.

In the texts we publish here, all the links, images and layout will be missing.

So please take this as just a tasting: if you really like the article, read it and retranslate it from the original, cleaning up all the details.

For each article, you will find a link both to the original and to a version saved on for future consultation.

We understand some websites live on advertising. We believe we are doing these websites a favour by introducing them to a new public and in a new language, but if you are uncomfortable with us putting up your articles, just write us at:

and we’ll take down your article.